Moby Wrap Review

A very comfortable stretchy wrap suitable for beginners.

Best Features

  • Even longer than the Boba Wrap. Even though it is more material overall, the material is lighter and not as thick as the Boba.
  • Made out of 100% machine washable cotton.
  • There is no stretch to the material, so once the baby is tied in they won’t move down.

Additional Styles

Moby Wrap – Petals

Moby Wrap – Starry Night

Moby Wrap – Denim Stripes

Potential Issues

  • This wrap tends to be very warm and the material is not as breathable as some other more lightweight options.


The Moby Wrap is a warm and high quality wrap that still manages to be lighter than shorter wraps. It comes in many different designs, making it easy to find one that you prefer.

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