Boba Wrap Review

A very comfortable stretchy wrap suitable for beginners.

Boba Wrap Features

  • Comes with clear instructions making it simple to put on.
  • Designed so that the knot is tied in front so that it is comfortable for sitting.
  • Machine washable, light, stretchy fabric. Very comfortable.
  • Comes in several colors and patterns.

Additional Colors

Navy Blue Boba Wrap

Purple Boba Wrap

Nile Green Boba Wrap

Potential Issues

  • Stretchy material means that the baby could slip if it’s not tied exactly right.
  • Very warm, even indoors. More suitable for colder weather.
  • This is a very long wrap, so that it may need to be wrapped around the waist multiple times or it will drag on the ground.


The Boba Wrap is a great wrap for beginners or those who aren’t as comfortable dealing with a lot of fabric to wrap yet. This wrap is very warm and suitable for cold days.

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