Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy Jungle Portable Swing Review

This lightweight swing has an adjustable recline position and swing speed.

Dimensions: 5 x 14.2 x 22 inches
Weight: 9 pounds
Power: 4 C Batteries required
Maximum Baby Weight: 20 pounds

Best Features

  • The seat can be adjusted to be reclined, or a more upright position.
  • It plays 6 different songs.
  • Includes a removable toy bar that has two toys dangling above your baby’s head.
  • The swing has 3 different settings to control the speed of the swing.
  • It includes a timer that can set the swing to shut off after 15, 30, or 45 minutes.
  • Folds up easily for storage or transportation, and it’s very light to carry.

Potential Issues

  • The frame has to be partially disassembled in order to remove the seat cover for washing, and the harness has to be rehooked each time.
  • It has a lower weight limit than some of the other baby swings on the market, so it may not be useful as long for heavier babies.


The Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy Jungle Portable Swing is very lightweight, and compact enough to fit into smaller spaces. It folds up easily and is great for portability.

It also has some decent additional features like toys and music, which help keep your baby entertained while swinging.

Overall, it is a good basic swing at a more affordable price than some of the other options out there.

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