Baby Brezza Formula Pro Review

The formula dispenser that prepares warm mixed bottles like an instant coffee machine.

It may seem like a luxury item, but after mixing and heating bottles of formula 8-10 times a day, including in the middle of the night, this technology is welcomed.

The Baby Brezza measures out the right amount of formula and dispenses a bottle at the touch of a button. It even heats it up to the right temperature, and this is all done so much faster than manually mixing and heating while your baby is waiting hungry.

Is the Baby Brezza worth it? Too good to be true? A maintenance nightmare? Life-altering technology? It depends.

Best Features

  • Easy setup
  • There are a lot of pieces, and everything has to be washed, sterilized, and air-dried before putting it together. Still, the instructions are quite clear, including how to set the dial for your specific brand of formula.

  • Good sized water tank and formula container
  • The water tank holds 50 ounces of water. You’re not running out of water every few bottles. Likewise, the formula dispenser holds a full 700g – meaning you can open and dump the full formula container into it and it easily holds it.

  • It heats the water to the perfect temperature.
  • Having the bottle immediately dispensed at exactly the right temperature is so much faster than waiting for a bottle warmer, and that convenience alone almost makes it worth owning.

  • Ability to specify 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 ounce bottles at the touch of a button.
  • A 2-ounce bottle is heated and dispensed in less than 15 seconds. It’s only about 30 seconds for a 10-ounce to be made. This may seem like a long time when you have a hungry baby screaming, but it’s so much faster than stumbling over the formula measuring and waiting to heat it yourself.

Potential Issues

  • Clumping formula
  • As the setup guide mentions, everything has to be completely dry before putting it together. If any moisture gets into the formula dispenser, it can cause it to become clumpy and not dispense properly. If your house is overly humid, this will probably also cause issues. Completely cleaniung and air-dry the formula container between refills will help prevent the formula getting sticky and clumpy at the bottom of the dispenser.

  • Clogging nozzle
  • You can avoid the dispenser becoming clogged by cleaning it after every bottle. Since the formula and water are mixed together before being dispense through the same hole, this can cause it to get sticky or clumpy. The guide recommends cleaning it after every 3 bottles, but doing it every time will help to completely avoid the issue.

  • Possible mold
  • Like any type of moist area, the water tank is an invitation for mold to form. Stay on top of completely cleaning and drying, even sterilizing the machine so that you don’t experience mold growth.


While it can take a lot of work to be repeatedly taking apart the machine, washing everything and the space to lay everything to air dry, it’s worth it to keep this machine functioning at its best.

You will get used to the convenience of instant perfectly mixed perfect temperature bottles instantly. Once you get used to it, you’ll never want to mix a bottle manually again.

Even though the cleaning and maintenance schedule is important to keep up, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro is a great time-saving machine during multiple feedings a day.

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