BabyBjörn Original Baby Carrier Review

The BabyBjörn Original Baby Carrier is very popular and is the most commonly seen infant carrier for newborns.

Best Features

  • Doesn’t require an additional insert to be used with newborns.
  • Affordable. ( 55.99 – 79.99 on Amazon )
  • Great neck support, and the extra neck support can be turned down later when your baby can hold up their own head.
  • Soft cotton material, lots of cushioning for the baby’s body.
  • Easy to clean – you can just throw it in the washing machine and dry with the rest of the laundry.
  • Simple to clasp and unclasp – the sides detach and the back of the carrier comes undown from the straps.
  • No need to wake the baby to take them out of the carrier.

Potential Issues

  • Can get hot. Also comes in a mesh material which helps keep your baby cooler than the cotton model.
  • Easy for the baby’s legs to dangle straight, which can put them at risk for Hip Dysplasia.


The BabyBjorn Original is popular for newborn infants because of its ease of use and because it fits newborns right from the begining without an insert. Your baby will outgrow it sooner than a lot of the other options though.

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